Our cause

We – the present students and the alumni of the Harp classes of “Lubomir Pipkov” National Music School, with the support of our parents and the “Ranno Pile” Association – are organizing a donation campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a new harp for the school.

Since our first encounter with this “instrument of the gods” we started building our dream path in music, learning and developing our mastership in our school. This school is a second home for us, a place that we play on a schedule and practice every day of the week and on weekends. We are extremely grateful to the school for this opportunity, we are grateful to our teachers and our parents for their care and support and we want to help those that are going to follow our path.

The harp is an expensive instrument and almost no one can buy one of their own. The instruments, provided by the Music School, are our faithful companions in competitions for individual performances in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe, in Christmas and holiday concerts, charity events, and festivals.

Two of the three harps we play on have witnessed four decades of the history of "Lubomir Pipkov" NMS and they have been travelling with us and the students before us thousands of miles in Bulgaria and Europe. They have been repaired multiple times and now they need a well-deserved rest in the museum. Without these instruments we would not be able to pursue our dreams, win competition awards and entertain the public.

With the funds collected from the donation campaign we are going to purchase and donate to “Lubomir Pipkov” NMS a new pedal instrument with high sound quality that meets the requirements of the level of musical expression established in modern educational practice.

We know that our mission is difficult and we are set to accomplish it!

We would appreciate any and all support!