We are a community, united by creativity, music and belief that dreams are achievable. We are parents and students of the harp classes of Mrs. Kohar Andonyan and Mrs. Lily Stoeva at “Lubomir Pipkov” National Music School. Our cause is a private initiative that we do exclusively through voluntary work.

How was the campaign born?

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Alexei Hristov, one of the parents and initiator of the campaigns, shares the following:

“New Harp for Our School” Campaign was started for the sake of our children and in support of their dedicated and inspiring teachers. Our children, Simona Maria and Teodor, graduated first grade at the school this year. She studies harp, and he – clarinet.

At the end of the school year our daughter’s harp teacher, Dr. Kohar Andonyan, and my wife were discussing the possibilities of updating the school musical instruments that almost all harp students rely on. The harp is an expensive instrument and not many can buy one for their child to practice at home. The older children in the class play on large harps and their parents rely almost entirely on the school’s resources and facilities. Meanwhile, the school has the responsibility to provide expensive musical instruments not only for the harp students, but for all their students. So we asked ourselves: How can we help?

Thus, with great willingness, parental enthusiasm and hope for the best, the idea of a donation campaign was born. We began to involve in the campaign other parents of the harp students. We also discussed the idea with the headmaster of the school and she gladly welcomed it.

In August we found out that the music program of the 35th edition of the “Apolonia” Festival of Art in Sozopol in 2019 was dedicated to string instruments. Therefore, iin the preparation of the “New Harp for Our School” Campaign was born the idea to launch this initiative at the concert La Belle Époque de la Harpe 5 on September 6, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

Who are the people that inspired this campaign?

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“New Harp for Our School” Campaign was inspired by a dedicated teacher, truly committed to the development of the young harp players; captivating and giving unconditional kindness, professionalism and setting the example as musician and educator – Dr. Kohar Andonyan.

With immense gratitude for your dedication, love and professionalism, Mrs.Andonyan! ❤  

- One of the harp class students of “L.Pipkov” NMS sends these words to her teacher.

Allow us to tell you about her.

Dr. Kohar Hampartzum Andonyan-Kradyan, or as all her students call her – Kohi Andonyan – is a long-time harp and chamber music teacher at “Lubomir Pipkov” National Music School in Sofia. She conducts a string band and directs “Harps and Guitars” ensemble there. An inspiring teacher, soloist and chamber music performer, Mrs. Adonyan, with endless energy and love, creates the necessary conditions for the children’s talent to sprout and flourish on the stage in Bulgaria and around the world.

She is recognized for her excellent educational skills, the success of her students, the awards for her educational achievements and the long list of awards in Bulgarian and international music competitions won by her students.

Thank you, Mrs. Kohi Andonyan, for your dedication and love and for all these unforgettable and exciting moments that I now have the opportunity to experience! - Victoria Markova, student in “L.Pipkov” NMS shares this on her Facebook page after winning second place at one of the most prestigious music competitions for harp players in Italy, Suoni d’Arpa 2019.

I thank Kohi Andonyan for her persevering and sincere dedication as a teacher and a person called to captivate children with the beauty of the art of the harp.

- sincere words of a parent of one of her students.

For us, the harp players of NMS, there is no greater happiness than the successful beginning of a dream! The hope that you brought back to all of us and the experience that you share every time has no equal! Thank you, Mrs. Suzanna Klintcharova and Mrs. Kohi Andonyan.

- Ivaila Todorova, student of the harp class.

Over the years Mrs. Andonyan has received many awards for her work: the title “ambassador of peace” by UNESCO in 2015; award for excellent educational accomplishments at International competition for young classical instrument players; in 2016 she receives Special award for excellent educational achievements at the 24th International competition for composers, camera ensembles and instrument players “Music and earth”.

This year Kohar Andonyan received two awards for excellent educational accomplishments and an award for finding and developing young talents at the competitions in Plovdiv and Pernik.

It’s almost impossible to count all the awards of her students since 1993 when she starts working in “L.Pipkov” NMS, to this day. Her students have won many awards in multiple national and international competitions. 

Mrs. Andonyan continues to develop her skills as a music educator and performer in the master classes of leaders in the area as Suzanna Klintcharova (France), Emanuela Esposti (Italy), Lisetta Rossi (Italy), Elizabeth Binoche (France), Claudia Antonelli (Italy). In the master class of Prof. Klintcharova in NBU she is a longtime assistant and stage partner.

Her excellence as a performer is evident by her active concert involvement in Bulgaria and Europe, her recordings for the Bulgarian National Television and radio, for the Macedonian National Television, and her participation in music festivals.

We can continue on and on, but even if we want to, we want to present this opportunity to her students and their success!

Thank you, Kohi Andonyan, for the inspiration and your professionalism, we hope we can help you bring your students even higher accomplishments and success!

Parents that support the campaign

  • Alexey Hristov

  • Biliana Vasilieva

  • Diyana Dobreva-Hristova

  • Evelina Markova

  • amelia Velichkova

  • Maria I. Samareva

  • Penko Angelov

  • Nadia Bojilova