Diana Pandova

Diana Pandova is a talented harpist who enchants with her sophisticated, deep and emotional performance. Style and musical sensitivity trips lightly from her fingers, and her interpretation of both classical and popular music is exquisite.

With a Masters Degree from the National Academy of Music (Bulgaria), this award-winning harpist has an extensive classical background. She received a solid professional education and took part in various concerts, competitions and master classes with one of the world's leading harp tutors.

Diana has performed in many different countries - Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Kuwait, South Korea and others - where her emotional interpretation, brilliant technique and beautiful sound were always highly valued and appreciated. She is honorary title "Messenger of Peace" by UNESCO.

Currently based in Dubai, Diana performs at different venues and regularly takes part in various projects related to the cultural life of the UAE. Since 2011 she is a resident harpist for the world’s only seven star hotel,  the Burj Al Arab and has performed extensively at some of the leading five star hotels in the region.

Collaborations with other harpists and local artists continue to give her harp playing a new and interesting dimension.