Dina Hamad

My name is Dina Hamad, a graduate student from the National School of Music ‘’Lyubomir Pipkov’’ in Kohar Andonyan's Harp Class.

I started my music education at the age of nine. Over the years, my classmates and I have had many unforgettable moments, as well as lots of challenges. One of them was that we often were struggling to fit into the practice hours, and sometimes we would only have one harp, as the other one would not be in a proper state for playing.

I will never forget what a huge joy was for everyone in the class when we received our third harp. This immediately helped many of us – lots more hours for practicing and the opportunity to play on a brand new instrument.

I know from experience that it is very useful for learning and developing musician to have access to different brands and stages of the instruments (older and newer production). It definitely brings you more confidence and knowledge in applying for music academies, competitions and other events.

Having already completed a bachelor's degree, I am still continuing my music education with a Master's degree in London, England. I have the opportunity to see the level of world universities and the development of the students.

The environment, equipment and the teaching methods provided by the institution are permanent part of the successful development of each student.